It would be nice for all of us to work at home, without a boss, infinite work time, payment going to ten times more than average. But it’s not as easy to get started, most programmers don’t tend to stick to this website because their interests are usually bigger, but it’s good as a second time job.

What is actually freelancer?

Freelancer is a job at home service that you will need a computer for with decent knowledge like english language and an bank account like payoneer

First signup for a freelancer site like fill in the required info

What jobs to do and how

The jobs are offered in sectors. For the job it’s wanted to be done by a contract or by time spend on that job. If you are working hourly install their clock that you turn on every time you start working. It frequently makes screenshots so that it has proof that you worked for them at that time. There is also a short description like the budget for that job.

When competing for a job, describe what will you do and what you did before. Give your offer for how much money would you do that job, the fee that are expected and time to complete the job.

As a free member you have a limited amount of jobs to compete for. There are more types of memeberships that allow you to apply for more jobs and get some nice bonuses.

You have to be persistent and compete for as many jobs as you can. Persistent people have 3-4 constant clients and work for higher price.

In the beginning you have to work for smaller payment to find a job. When you compete a job, people can review you and those reviews will be seen on the next job you are competing for.

You are getting offers for jobs daily on your email. But it’s best to check for fresh ones. The job offer has it’s time limit, usually 7 days.

You are in contact with the person hiring you through communication program, through skype or similar software.

When you are working for someone, especially for more money, you should ask for your work to be paid weekly.

Good luck in your work, click on the picture below to get signed up, it will also help me a bit.

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