While buying wood for processing it’s important to pay attention to the wood quality. Damages and instabilities lower the quality of wood, as well as the aesthetics. These damages are often caused while processing the wood. But most often when storing it.

kriva daska

Knowing what we are choosing for we should know that there is soft and hard wood. For furniture and building. While choosing we are looking for the straightest and most mechanically good one. It also must be completely dried out.

1.  Wood should be straight, without any curvatures.

2. If they are already tied/glued together they must be so that even a blade can’t go through

3. Wood ties know to fall out to it doesn’t look very nice, they are also the weakest part of the wood

čvor na dasci

4. Broken wood most commonly withing irregular drying

puknuta daska

5. Leftover holes due to conifer


6. Black mold due to bad storing

lose sušenje

7. Quality of processing.

loša obrada

8. Resin – Doesn’t matter for building material but aesthetically not looking nice


9. Planks without edges

loša seča u pilani

Of course, if you are buying wood that you are going to emery, you should always buy bigger dimensions, so that all the previous leavings could be cleaned off.

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