Types of damages

A water faucet can work in multiple different ways. Here will be described a faucet with one handle for cold and one for hot. The damages on these faucets usually occur due to usage. Their weakest point is the plastic that let’s a certain amount of water through. Damages that can occur are the faucet leaks at the handles, that it doesn’t flow at all or it flows constantly.

Disassembling the faucet

Before disassembling first we need to close the incoming water, and if possible hot water as well.

For disassembly we will need a screw driver, an hex key, water pump pliers and normal pliers can be of use.

First of all we need to remove the part that shows us on which side is warm and cold water. This cap is located under the handle. In addition here you will find a screw that is unscrewed either with a hex key or a screwdriver. It’s enough to just loosen the screw, and take off the handle.

Next thing to do is to take off the ring that is untied with a harder hand squeeze. However if you can’t do it by hand use pliers wrapped in a cloth to not damage the faucet.

Extension disassembly
Extension disassembly

Here we encounter another screw, if the water is leaking on the handle then this screw is loose and needs to be tightened.

By unscrewing this screw you free an insert that you just take out. In the hole place a piece of cloth or sponge so that the water doesn’t start blowing out.

Water faucet insert

We can try and repair the insert, but be careful the rubber can leave the sockets.

What I recommend you do is replace it completely. When buying one make sure you choose the same model, because there are different kinds.

Different inserts
Different inserts

Assembly is done the same way, however this time in reverse.

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