Preparing to wash the car

When you find an empty spot at the car wash, usually you will have one central place where you can trade your money for washing tokens.

First, if you have rubber rugs in your car take them all out and place them in a place provided for them. Place the bigger one first and then the smaller one second.

Thus, make sure that all the windows and doors are closed.

Washing the car

When we are done with all the preparations, insert the token. On the screen you will see your remaining time.

Press button 1.

Take the car wash gun, and while pressing the trigger a jet of water will be coming out. Wash the car by keeping the wash gun 10 cm away from the car. Turn the car wash gun vertically. When you are done washing one side of the car, move over to the other and do the same. When you did a full circle and you are back at the central switch press the next button. Do the same as before, go around in a circle until you come back at the central switch, press the next button and over again until you are done. When you are doing this for the first or the second time you might not have enough time and will need 2 tokens to wash the car.

Don’t forget to wash the rubber rugs and return them into the car later.

Cleaning the car after the car wash

When the car is washed and waxed (which gives it a glow), it’s recommended to wipe it. The car is wiped with a special cloth made out of deer skin. The cloth should be wet. First we wipe the glass, then the roof and then make your way down. Of course every time the cloth gets dirty it needs to be washed. Doors are wiped from the inside, like all the other metal parts.

Vacuuming the car

Before vacuuming the car take out the rubber rugs and place them in their desired spot.

Before putting the token in I recommend checking the end of the vacuum hose to make sure it’s not blocked. Everyone is using this vacuum so make sure it’s not blocked because you don’t want to waste time when you put the token in.

We put the token in, on the screen it will show the remaining time, and press the start button. The end of the hose is flat, so it’s easy to get it in between places. The hose usually isn’t long enough to go around the whole car, so to clean the other end of the car we open the doors and vacuum through.

The cockpit it’self is cleaned with the materials meant for it.

Cockpit wiping
Cockpit wiping

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