Role of the washing machine lock

The lock makes sure that water doesn’t leak from the washing machine and that there isn’t excess amounts of steam. The lock is electro-mechanical, which means it works mechanically and receives an electric signal from the machine.

Lock malfunctions

In most cases the malfunction doesn’t have to be the lock itself, but the signal it’s receiving.

Other faults can be that the electric coil was burnt, or the issue can be mechanical. If this is the case than the best thing to do is change the lock.

Malfunction behavior

The button to turn on the washing machine shows that it’s on, but it doesn’t work. While spinning only the water pump is working. In the case that the pump has thrown out the water, and is still working gives us the conclusion that the issue is the lock, or the electric installation leading to it. It gets power right after the switch, except the water pump, so that it can throw out excess water if needed.

Lock location in the washing machine

It’s is located inside the washing machine opposite to the door handle. It’s tightened with 2 screws that need to be unscrewed from the outside. If you need access to the lock from the inside, and the drum is in the way, feel free to push it. It will come back into place anyways since it’s on shock absorbers.

Checking the electric circuit

We plug in the washing machine, and if the signalization light turns on, it means that the machine is working and getting power. We check if the power flows after the switch as well (checking if the switch is good).

After this check we can pull off the plug from the lock and check the middle cable if it has power.

We double check if it’s working by returning the cable to the plug, if not then a lock replacement needs to be done.

We can reconnect the plug and that way simulate and check the correctness of the closed lock. If in this case the machine works then the it means that the lock is defective.

You can read more about repairing washing machines here.

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