When we are smoothing a wall, damaged surfaces it’s important that we take off any parts that are falling off.

Skim coat is applied on a dry surface.

There is inside and outside skim coat, the difference is in water resistance. Surfaces smoothed breath harder.

Preparing the skim coat for wall smoothing

In a clean bucket we pour skim coat which is in powder form, and we add about 10% water of the skim coat mass. We mix and as needed continue adding water. Until we get a mixture that is thick, smooth and can be applied to walls. We mix it good either by hand or machine, we can’t have bubbles. It’s the best if the mixture can stay for 24 hours. We can lower this time by making sure we mixed it good.

Applying skim coat

To apply the skim coat we will need a trowel and a spatula. When we grab the skim coat with a trowel or a spatula we apply it to the surface. Make sure the angle is sharp as possible. So that we can transfer it in as thin and short way we can.

When skim coating bigger surfaces we need to take a new layer next to the one already applied. Always for in as big of a half circle you can to cover the most amount of surface.

After this with a spatula we remove the excess skim coat from the trowel, so that it’s clean. Then at an angle of 90 degrees, a little further from the applied mass we pull the trowel at a sharp angle. This way we are straightening and removing the excess skim coat.

When it comes to repairing damaged surfaces the process is the same, if not easier because we can use the spatula. As long it’s bigger than the damaged surface.

How to skim coat edges

Inside edges are done by placing the tip of the trowel in the edge, the second end of it carefully move around that the excess goes to the second wall. In the same position take if off from the second wall.

We do outside edges by skim coating. Thus from the second side we take off the excess skim coat and apply it to the we are working on.

In the end when it’s dry you might have excess bubbles. You can take these off with sand paper.

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