Usage of chain on a wood saw

The size of the chain on a wood saw depends on the chain belt on the saw and it is marked in ”, and the lenght depends on how long the blade is and is marked with a number of tooth on it.

Sharpening the saw chain

It’s recommeded to sharpen the saw teeth at least manually after every tank.

If the saw is cutting harder, or leaves a black mark, it’s needed to sharpen the saw chain.

For manual chain sharpening, an round file which dimensions are exactly enough to go through the saw teeth. Sharpening is done from outside to the inside at an specific angle. The angle of sharpening is very important and it needs to be on the parallel with the vertical part and a line on the chain. This line on the chian is also a border to how far you can use the chain. In the vertical part it needs to follow the blade, risen for about 25 degrees. Horizontally about 45 degrees. On the file for sharpening the teeth are going in the half-round, so that spinning the file is not needed. But it helps in keeping the good line and better sharpening. With manual sharpening the teeth can be sharpened better than if done by a machine. After 3-5 manual sharpening, a machine sharpening for the chain is recommeded.


When a cutting tooth alighns or lays on the size of the limiter in front, it’s needed to remove that limiter


Chain tightness

The saw chain is by time being raxed, and it shouldn’t be in use raxed so that it brakes. It also can’t be too loose on the middle of the blade. It can’t be more down that 10 to 20 mm. The chain is tightened on the tightener, usually with a screwdriver.

Shortening the blade

If the chain can’t be more tightened on the tightener, but the teeth are still not worn, it can be shortened. It’s shortened but grinding or filing one end of a bolt. Then we grind of file another end, but be careful to choose the same set. There must not be any distance on the teeth at the bottom of the chain.

filing chaing
filing chaing

When we completed the chain with a simple smash of a clue with a hammer, we close the chain and start cluing.

The chain can only be shortened once, because after the path of the chain doesn’t match the chain’s.

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