Why change or repair a turn signal switch on a car

There are situations where switch just breaks. The reason for this is usually because of too stiff springs or the mechanism got stuck. Out of this reason when we notice that the switch is harder and harder to control. It’s recommended to take apart the mechanism and grease it. Read the text about repairing the turn signal switch, but usually it’s the best idea to just replace it.

Taking apart plastic to access the switch

To get to the turn signal switch itself first we need to take off the plastic around the wheel.

First we unscrew the screws at the bottom which are holding the plastic. Underneath it is another screw holding it, just unscrew it and pull off the plastic.

To take off the upper part of the mask you will need to get the wheel down.

Taking out and changing the turn signal switch

When the plastic around the wheel is off, the turn signal switch can be located at the left side. In it is a plug with wires. We pull out this plug, it can be plugged back in only one position so getting it back shouldn’t be too difficult. There are clicks that you press on the top and the bottom side of the plug to pull it out.


To get the turn signal switch back you just need to click it back into the same place you took it out of.

We assemble the rest the opposite way we disassembled, just make sure that everything you put back is in correctly.

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