Why the washing machine might be shaking

There can be multiple reasons why the washing machine is shaking:

  • Badly placed legs
  • Bad weight balance with clothes
  • Damaged shock absorbers
  • Damaged electric motor
  • The motor not getting electricity properly

Badly placed stand-ups

When the washing machine is getting put into place for the first time, the leggings need to be adjusted. By untightening or tightening them they need to be adjusted so that they don’t shake the machine. After adjusting the height we turn it clockwise so that they don’t loosen.

The machine in an idle state must not shake at all.

While spinning at high speeds it’s normal for it to shake.

Badly balanced load

The clothes you put into washing should be in multiple parts and it should be properly balanced. Too much or too many clothes can make the drum unbalanced and make is shake. By putting in a balanced amount of clothes, the drum won’t shake.

Faulty shock absorbers

To check the shock absorbers we need to remove the top and maybe the side cover. You can read more about this in this post. Make sure the shock absorbers are tight.

By pressing the concrete balance on top of the machine not too easy, but not too hard either you should feel the shock absorbers working.

Other washing machine malfunctions

Some other reasons why is’s shaking might be: broken base, badly centered drum, bad bearing or even a bad motor, can be determined by manually turning the drum.

Damaged motor or whether the motor isn’t getting enough power can be determined with a replacement.

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