A lot of different stories of people doing unimaginable things exist. But this story is different. It’s not only about people who showed insane strength, power and freewill, but about an endurance of an engine with selected oil.

At the time of the second world war, two prisoners were working at the German airfield. Their job at the beginning was to clean and manage the hangar. As the time went on they were getting more trustworthy thanks to their good work, so they ended up working on maintaining the planes. One day they successfully stole a plane and flew to Ukraine. That was a flight of around 70 kilometers. Of course when Germans realized that the plane is flying without their permissions, and the pilots aren’t theirs they fired AA guns. They successfully shot the plane, but didn’t get it down, because they were firing from low grade weapons, like pistols and rifles.

While landing the plane was shot and the engine was damaged. Not only that but the carter of the engine was damaged as well. The oil from the carter didn’t spill at all the way, but there wasn’t enough needed for the engine. The plain worked even if it didn’t have enough oil. And after all that the engine didn’t overheat and was working fine.

The oil in the engine had some sort of special ad on that allowed the engine to go on for a bit without any oil. There are various oil ad dons for the motor oil that improve the power of the engine like for example, increases the life span of the engine, turns down the loudness of the engine, lowers the ability to overheat, and lower the fuel consumption. Some oil ad dons are nice and some can even harm your engine, you need to be careful. These ad dons are usually used on sport engines. So it increases their performance. But here the lifespan of the engine isn’t as important.

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