Can a tarpaulin pool be glued when it is filled with water?

Yes he can.

What glue is used to glue the awning pool?

It is necessary to use quality glue for gluing tarpaulins or rubber.
It must not be a glue that hardens, but be elastic when it dries.

How long do they keep the patches glued to the tarpaulin pool?

If they are well processed, they can last for many years.

Tarp pools are cheap, the only con is that after 2-3 years the tarp begins to have holes or while buying it gets damaged. Usually after some time the glue that you got with the pool won’t be as good as quality and it will be useless.

That’s why I would recommend buying a quality glue for tarp or rubber. The best flakes for gluing are the ones we got while buying the pool. We can also use thicker nylon or cellophane. It’s the best for looks of the pool to use the exact same material.

We need to cut two patches that will be larger than the size of the hole by 2 cm, and if the hole is bigger than up to 5 cm. Clean the spot that we cut out to the fitting sizes, but also the part where we will be gluing the patch. It can also be glued on the full pool. For one hole that we are gluing we will need two patches, on from the inside, second from the outside.
First we place one patch and we glue that one from the inside. With fast movements we place it in the water and rub it so that the glue spreads. We hold the patch with hand so that the air doesn’t go through (hold it for about 15 minutes). In that time someone else cleans the other (outside) side, and places the patch on the dry side. The patches are one from another. Spread the glue while rubbing the patch so that no air goes in and glues better. It’s needed to hold both sides like this until the glue starts grabbing. (depending on the glue type)
You can glue numerous amounts of patches like this, but the bigger the patch the longer it will take.
Usually gluing the floor it’self isn’t needed especially if it is waterproof. Because there isn’t enough pressure. So it isn’t a bad idea to place the pool on a straight floor on the nylon.

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