Spray fuel hose

LPG to drive. Cars on gasoline that have built in LPG, you have an option if one fuel system is not working, you can drive on another one. 

My friend was telling me a story how this happened to him. He was going on a longer journey and near his destination he smelled fuel in cabin. Stopped as soon as he could, opened the hood and saw that his engine was filled with gasoline. He was lucky though, because his car had built in LPG too, so he can without any problems. Continue the drive on another fuel.

But he had to remove the spilling fuel, because there was a chance that the engine could lit up on fire. He turned on the car and found what was actually the problem. Some hose was broken. The fuel pump was pumping more fuel. It works that way when you are going on another fuel as well.

He decided not to complicate anything so he unplugged the fuel pump instead of fixing the hose. He tried finding something to unplug the fuel pump but he couldn’t. All I know is that for me the fuel pump is underneath the back seat.


Seating the car seat
Seating the car seat

You remove the tapacirung, then you untie 2 or 4 screws, remove the cap and then you unplug the cables and the fuel pump doesn’t work anymore.

Gas pump
Gas pump

By doing this you simply disabled the fuel pump and can continue driving on another fuel.



Is it possible to drive a car on gas if there is no petrol?

Yes, it can, but the gas station works without interruption, so I didn’t recommend it.

How to turn off the gas station?

One of the tricks is to remove the fuse from the gas tank if it is not mechanical, but there is a problem if there is another device in that circuit.
There is also the possibility of removing the cables that supply the gas station.

How can I start a gas car if I don’t have gas?

With newer automatic gas devices, the engine is started by starting to press the gas button during engine start-up.

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