Why have a password on your router?

Other than having a lot of people you don’t know connect to your network, there is also a chance of someone abusing your network and making attacks. There are multiple ways to block WiFi access, like only allowing certain MAC addresses (a MAC address is a address specific to a certain device). Or allow access to everyone who has a password.

Router types

The routers vary based on their speed (1gbps, 10gbps, etc…), the strength and the speed of the signal they are emitting, like 2,4 MHz, 5 MHz or both. They also differ in the type of connectors, like ADSL, phone or fiber.

Accessing the router settings

No matter the router type, accessing it is the same. It’s done through a browser (Chrome, firefox, etc..). On the back of the router is a IP address that you type into the browser. Here you can find your username and password as well, but it will not work if your ISP set a different one for you.

The address that’s usually entered into the browser is There’s a chance that that’s not the only router on the network. If that is the case then try changing the last digit with a 0, or number 2 and above.

The username and the password are the same unless they’ve been changed.

Resetting and saving the current settings

If your router has the option, the first thing I recommend you do is make a backup of your settings, in case something goes wrong or you don’t like the changes. There you’ll most likely be able to choose where would you want to save the settings. You can also reset your settings to default here.

There are routers that have a mechanical button on them to reset it, or the WiFi.

Changing and entering the WiFi pasword

In the menu you should have a bar that says something like “basic settings” and you should find the option to change the password there. If you don’t have anything that says “basic settings” it might be under something like “wireless” or “WiFi”. In addition under each SSID type in the name you want your network to be called. I would recommend the settings like the ones on the picture. In the “Radius password” (it might be called something different for you) type in the password you want to set for access to the WiFi. After that save the settings.

When you are done with the settings, you can log out.

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