The differences between wheels

The principle of replacing a spare wheel is the same not depending on it’s tire size, or the rims. It’s also not dependent on the type of damage, or the screws that are on the wheel.

Before changing the wheel

First thing we need to do is secure the car so that it doesn’t roll away when we lift it up. Pull the handbrake, put the car into the first gear, and secure the wheels.

All the needed tools for this job are usually located around the spare wheel.

To successfully change a spare wheel the items we will need are:

  • Spare wheel
  • Lug wrench
  • Car jack

Other stuff that we can use:

  • Plank that goes underneath the car jack if we are not changing the tire on the asphalt
  • Long screw for guidance
  • Special tip for the lug wrench for security screws
  • Screw decoration puller

To make it easier to work we should prepare everything and bring it close to the wheel.

Changing the wheel

Easing up the screws

First we need to remove the decorations on screws that have them.

Next up is easing up the screws. The screws are eased up before lifting the car itself because they are usually really tightened, while easing up the screws the car shakes a lot, and there would be a chance that it falls off of the car jack.

The lung wrench is placed horizontally, and as you most likely won’t be able to move it with hands you stand on the key so that the screw eases up. We repeat this process for every screw.

I recommend being in shoes.

When all the screws are loosen up next thing to do is to place the car jack.

Jacking up a car

There are different types of car jacks. On some of them you need to pay attention to what angle you are setting it up at. On others you just place them underneath the car.

If under the car we don’t have asphalt I recommend to put a plank under the car jack.

The car jack is placed 10-20 cm from the tire. Usually there’s a enforced place on the car that you place your car jack under.

The spare wheel we are going to use we can put underneath the car for safety in case it gets off of the jack.

Slowly spin the car jack and lift the car up. The car is high enough once the wheel is off the ground

Removing the wheel

Remove all of the screws from the wheel (and make sure you don’t lose them).

Now you can just remove the wheel.

Placing the wheel

When placing the wheel pay attention to small holes because there are holders that have guides for them. When we have a big guide for the wheel, we screw it into a hole at the top.

Wheel holder

Usually then you’d need to lift the jack a bit higher, especially if the tire is flat.

We place the wheel into it’s space, making sure that the holes align. With one hand and a leg we are pushing the tire while with the other hand we are putting in screws.

Placing the wheel
Placing the wheel

The first screw we tighten in with a hand as much as we possibly can, then we let go of everything. Continue putting in the screws with your hand.

With the lug wrench we tighten every screw bit by bit, we can’t just tighten one screw all the way while the others are loose because the wheel will be sideways.

When we are done tightening the screws we pull down the jack and take it out.

Now we tighten every single screw by standing on the lug wrench until we hear all of them creak. As well as the previous step this is also done bit by bit, first we tighten one a bit then another one and so on.

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