My bicycle started stuttering, namely it started to skip while riding, especially while accelerating. The damage was in the back wheel on the chain system.

The wheel inside the chain has “butterflies”  which when the wheel is spinning on one side, then the “butterflies” dovetail, but if the wheel is spinning on the opposite side,  the “butterfly” doesn’t dovetail. That way it can spin and not pull the wheel. It’s clear here that it has come too some kind of a fault, because at stronger pulling it will just skip.

I took of the back wheel and slowly started to unscrew all the screws from the base. You don’t have to remove the shaft to remove the gear from the wheel, but it’s easier. Make sure that you remember the taking apart sequence, you will need it because putting it back together is the same as taking it apart but in reverse. Pay attention to pallets that will start falling off as screws get loosen.

Because I didn’t have a right tool that looks like this:

odvijač zubčanika
gear screwdriver

You need a key to disassemble the gear at the rear wheel of the bike. You can do it yourself. I used a rectangular metal rod which ends I cleaned so that it can go into ends.

The gear is disassembled by placing a special key in two holes in the middle next to the gear. It is also possible, without a special tool, to strike a hammer with a hammer in the direction in which it needs to be unscrewed, for example.

What’s next after changing out the parts is to put everything back together. As I said before, putting back together is reverse of taking apart.

Using this method I was able to easily fix my bicycle and ride it again without any problems at all.

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