The water pump works but doesn’t push water

Repairing a Water Pump

When I took of the water pump and with one hand shut the suction opening, but in exhaust blew air (it can be reversed) you could hear the air coming out. Pressing the cap didn’t come to a change in sound, nor did I noticed air while I was blowing air. On the shaft that from the engine makes the pump where the radial shaft seal is found. The sound of air changed, that’s how I knew that the radial shaft seal is my problem.

Disassembling the pump

I started to disassemble the pump, I took off 3 screws from the cap but couldn’t take it off. The cap has bigger holes than the case. I took bigger screws and screw them into the cap so they push the case and get the cap off. It slowly started to get off, so I was hitting it gently with a rubber hammer. It was enough to get the screwdriver in there, I started to slowly get it out with the screwdriver and the screws. In the end the screws loosened and 2 out of 3 broke. But it doesn’t really matter because they still have their function (be careful that you don’t go the same way I do).

What’s next is to take off the brass propeller, which has a tight opening for the base electric motor. So it’s hard to take off and you need to do it perpendicular. To take it off I recommend a puller, but because I didn’t have one I used 2 screws. Which I was alternatively switching. Near the end I stuck my pliers in there so that I created a lever that was laying upon the case. Hitting one end with a rubber hammer and this was how I was able to take off the brass propeller.

Taking off the rest of the water pump

While taking off the propeller be careful not to lose fruit. Now it’s time to take off the protector, which is taken off by stretching it with pliers. Next up is a copper sealing gauntlet, then the radial shaft seal with a spring. After that comes the ceramic part on the case from the outer side. Everything can be took off easily from the shaft.

Assembly is the same but in a reverse order, but this time we use a new radial shaft seal.

Be careful not to do what I did, I connected the alkaten wrong and water was leaking.

Repairing a Water Pump

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