Repairing a Punctured Car Exhaust

A punctured exhaust can represent a huge problem because of it’s loudness. Through the exhaust goes hot air from combustion, so the sheet is getting wear so the wall starts to let go and eventually punctures. Depending on where the exhaust is punctured is what kind of repair we will do on it. The exhaust is usually combined out of more parts. Usually out of 3 parts. First part is from the engine to the spiral net, second nets, third is the pipe with a pot, and forth is the last pot.

The repair is the best if the damaged part is replaced with a new one. If that is not an option, then a good way to repair it is by welding that part. Welding isn’t always possible because the wall of the exhaust thinners so that welding is not possible. We won’t describe those two methods here, but two alternatives.

Repair of a damaged exhaust pipe

The repair of a damaged exhaust pipe is pretty simple. Before any repairs it’s needed to clean the damaged part and around it. The best way to do this is to mount a brush on a drill, it’s easier for the access.

Cleaning with a wired brush
Cleaning with a wired brush

Take a piece of sheet metal (It can be from a tin) that will round the pipe on a damaged part. Sheet metal is better because it can round the pipe a lot better. Then we tie it with either zip ties or with a wire. For better results we can go over it with silicone which endures bigger temperatures.

Repairing an exhaust pot

The damaged part, and around it is cleaned with a wired brush. To repair the damaged exhaust on little holes we can use silicone. Which endures a temperature over 200°C, it’s usually red color. Silicone isn’t that good on bigger damages, because it’s elastic so while the exhaust is working it will slowly start to let go.

Repaired with silicone
Repaired with silicone

For bigger holes we use a two comment plasticine glue which endures high temperatures and tightens like a rock when mixed and dried. If we are repairing the part of the exhaust where the pipe goes in-out then, the place we are going to coating, then to recommended to arm it with a wired net, or sheet metals. This way while the exhaust shakes it handles vibrations better.

Repaired with a two component glue
Repaired with a two component glue

After using the two component glue or silicone, we must not turn the car on in the next 24 hours due to pressure so it doesn’t blow away the mass that didn’t tighten yet.

In case of emergency, as a temporary solution we can also use chewing gum.

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