Why take it off?

We can take off a steering wheel from a car out of multiple reasons. For example, maybe to repair it or to change the whole wheel itself.

It’s common that the wheel after a long time of usage can get a bit shaky. One of the reasons this happens can be because of steering orifices. One of them is at the start of the steering wheel. That one is easy to replace. The second one is at the end of the steering shaft, somewhere near the pedals and is much harder to get to.

In the process of taking off the wheel will be described how to take off the horn switch as well.

The process of taking off the wheel

First of all you need to take off the emblem, under that there are two screws. Thus the emblem is tightened with clicks, to get it off just put a screwdriver under it and pop them off.

Screws on the wheel
Screws on the wheel

Next you will find a horn mask, just untie the screws and take it off.

Wheel Horn connector
Horn connector

After removing the mask you will find a horn connector that is held by screws. These screws are isolated so that they don’t pass electricity. When you are unscrewing them make sure to not unscrew them all the way. They have a little spring on them that stays on the connector.

Taken off connector
Taken off connector

Next up unscrew the screw in the middle of the wheel, for this you will need a size 24 socket, and you might want to use a bit more force.

When you remove the screw you can take off the wheel with a puller. I recommend using a two way puller but since I didn’t have one near me I used a three way one and it worked fine.


How to take apart the mask and the switch is described here.

Assembling is going the opposite way, but we skip the part with the puller. After tightening the screws it’s recommended to hit it on the upper part. This is done so that the screws don’t unscrew by accident.

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