What you need to take the handles off of the refrigerator

Taking the handles off of the side-by-side (also known as the American style) refrigerator may be needed for multiple reasons, the biggest one usually is transport.

Here is shown a Siemens model, but it should be about the same for Bosch, or similar.

For this you really only need a special type of screwdriver and that should be it.

Process of removing the handles

At the bottom side of the handles find a screw that holds the handles, it’s usually a 5 crack screw. Unscrew the screw by applying as much force as needed, but make sure not to apply too much so that if you have a glass panel it doesn’t shatter.

After unscrewing the screw, grab a handle and pull it down, if it doesn’t come off give it a jab, but don’t hit the part all the way at the top as that is separate.

We should notice that the handle is now sitting lower than the holder up top. Pull the bottom holder towards you so that it goes out of it’s socket. After that continue pulling the handle down and you should be able to remove it after.

The top and bottom holders are just held in by 2 screws, we can unscrew those. The bottom holder has two parts, one of which is on the handle which we can simply pull off.

The second handle is removed the same way as this one, and putting it back together is just in reverse.

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