Printer toner or cartridge are consumable parts in a printer. To remove the toner we need the printer to be turned on but not printing, same with the computer. There are also models with scanners (copy machines) but the steps are the same for those.

Some printers may have a command to remove the toner, others don’t but the steps are generally the same.

We differentiate models by their toner types, those are laser and InkJet.

Removing the toner from a laser printer

If we have a function for taking out the toner we press it.

If we have a scanner built into the printer we need to take it apart cover by cover, in conclusion first the one with the scanner then the printer.

When it comes to the printer without a scanner, it’s taken apart by pulling the bottom part up.

Now that we came to the toner, we need to remove it. To clarify, It’s taken out by pulling it out and sliding parallelly on the both sides of the printer.

You should’ve gotten installation instructions with the new toner.

Removing the toner from a InkJet printer

First things first, we need to open the area where the printer is printing. When opening the printer will start to rumble and move the toners to the center. There are models with 2 toners, but that’s the case when the printer can print in color.

The cartridge needs to be unclipped from the holder, similarly it’s the back part of the cartridge that’s pressed downwards. Therefore by doing this we released the cartridge from the printer and under a sideways angle we take it out.

The cartridge is put back the same way, just backwards.

The printer will do calibrations for the new cartridges.

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