Filling a lighter with lighter fluid is decently easy, but it can be dangerous so we need to be careful.

Types of gas lighters

There are various types of lighters, that use various types of fuel.

The ones that use gas a fuel we divide based on the flame, into basic and with ‘turbo’ flame.

We also have lighters that have special holes on the bottom that you can use to fill up the fluid. The lighters that don’t have this add on are usually cheaper and lower quality, so it might not be worth refilling them.

Preparing before refilling

I highly recommend that you do the filling outside or in a room that’s being vented. Make sure you are nowhere near a flame.

I also recommend gloves so that we don’t get burns while leaking the gas.

We don’t really need any equipment, as there are various attachments that come with the fluid bottle.

Refilling the lighter

First thing we need to do is find the proper attachment that is placed on top of the fluid tube.

Place it onto the hole for filling, which is usually at the bottom of the lighter.

Flip it upside-down, because in the bottle the gas in liquid form is at the bottom, and gas is at the top.

When everything is ready press the lighter to the bottle, and because the pressure is higher in the bottle, the gas will move over.

If the gas is leaking, it will instantly freeze and we need to stop. Make sure that the holes are aligned correctly, or get a different attachment.

Keep it like this for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the pressure in the bottle and the size of the fluid container.

Filling a lighter without a fill hole

These types of lighters are usually lower quality, so the question is if it’s even worth refiling.

These lighters are filled at the place where the gas is coming out.

First thing we need to do is make sure that the lighter is set to the maximum setting, so that the valve is open all the way.

Set it to max
Set it to max

Remove the sheet cover so that we have better access.

Choose a fitting attachment that is placed onto the bottle for refilling. Same as the case above, the bottle needs to be upside-down. Before pressing the lighter against the bottle first we need to hold the button for flame.

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