Rear mirror

One way of fixing a broken mirror

When the rear mirror is broken one way of fixing it is just by taping another one over it. But this isn’t the most quality, but it’s surely the fastest, cheapest, but it’s just as long lasting as any other.

On the broken broken mirror put silicone, about 3 to 5 mm thick. Lines separated from each other 1 to 2 cm. It’s recommended for it to be silicone glue because of it’s thickness and elastic. Put the new mirror on top of the old broken mirror, softly press and move it up and down, left and right so that the silicone spreads.

Then take two items, I am using styrofoam, you can use wood or something like that. You can take one that covers the whole portion of the mirror, or if you take two place on down and one up. The goal is for them to press the mirror equally. So it has to be outside of the mirror border, then wrap it with insulating tape. The goal is to press the object to the mirror and you have to leave it like that for 24 hours. So that the glue thigh ens.

Retrovizor lepljenje

By doing this you are losing a bit on the power to heat up the mirrors, if your mirrors have heaters. It can be a smaller problem if you are putting a smaller mirror that is cut by dimensions. This mirror doesn’t make things smaller because it doesn’t have lenses. It’s preference. But there can be problems if driving at night, because it doesn’t illuminate the light. So the lights behind you can be annoying. Daily you wont notice a difference once you get used to it.


This way of fixing is solid, effective and many use it.


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