Proper use of a Chainsaw

With a chainsaw you cut wood, and it’s not easy to use at all. You have to be extra careful so that you don’t hurt yourself, or people around you. The injuries can be insanely big. I recommend to use protection wear, like: gloves, glasses, helmet, ear buds, boots, special working clothes, etc… While taking down a tree, you have to be careful where you are taking it down so that you don’t cause material damage. Even worse to hurt somebody.

Filling up a chainsaw

A chainsaw has two reservoirs. In one goes gasoline mixed with oil. The oil which is mixed with the gasoline is called two-stroke oil, and is marked with 2T. In the second reservoir which is smaller, you only put oil which is called lancol or testerol. Their use is to oil the chain that is located on the blade for cutting.

You’ll know the chainsaw works fine when both reservoirs are emptied simultaneously.

Reservoirs of the chainsaw
Reservoirs of the chainsaw

How to maintain the chain you can read here

How to maintain the blade for cutting wood you can read here

Starting the chainsaw

When the chainsaw is cold, and it has a pump I needed to press it 2-4 times.

gasoline puncture
gasoline puncture

Set the trigger for saug to max.


Place the gas handle on the half-gas. We do that like pressing the gas and from the upper side of the gas-handle we press a smaller button and let go of the gas.

Check if the chain brake is off.

Experienced people start the chainsaw from a hand. We do it by holding the rope with one hand, and the chainsaw with other. While bringing down the chainsaw, with our other hand we pull the rope and we turn on the chainsaw.

Another, easier, way of starting exists, place the chainsaw on the ground. Put one leg into the leg spot, and with other hand pull the rope and start it that way.

From first try, the chainsaw most likely won’t start. If it does start then we place the sauk trigger on half-sauk or without sauk, and we start the chainsaw.



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