Reasons as to why the cartridge doesn’t print

Some of the problems you can see when your cartridge isn’t printing properly are: No print on the paper, some lines are not visible or muddy text.

These problems can occur out of many reasons like a lot of printing, rarely printing or by having a bad cartridge.

We’ll repair this by using software. In other cases read this text on my blog.

Software repair

Start the printing process and open the print window. There’s multiple ways you can open this window. Like pressing the right mouse button and choosing the option, or going into “File” and then “Print”.

The next step to launch the program for cleaning the cartridge is clicking the button that says “Performance”. A new window pops up and we select the “Maintenance” option. Here we have a bunch of options for printer maintenance and repairs. We can choose whether we want to clean the cartridge fast or deep.

A printer usually has 2 cartridges, one for colors and the second one for black color.

I don’t recommended to turn neither the printer or the computer off while the cleaning process is happening.

While the cleaning process is happening the printer will be working louder.

After cleaning is done there is a menu that pops up where you can choose if you want to print the test paper.

If there’s visible improvement it’s probably good to repeat the cleaning process.

Read another text about printer repairs. Home » Blog EN » Repairs » Fixing a printer with software repair

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