Pool Cleaning

As much as we take care of the pool, it will get dirty after bathing in it. Filter and the water pump know to clean this dirtiness, but sometimes that isn’t enough. The techniques that we will describe are good for cleaning smaller pools.

Possible ways of pool cleaning

Vacuum cleaning

Besides the pool filter we can use a freehand vacuum that is like a normal vacuum, or just the hose for vacuuming in the pool. Both ends must be on the ground. One end in the pool, that we will use to vacuum. Second end should be on the ground, below the water level. Dirty water will go through here. On the hose that is outside the pool, create a vacuum so that we pull the water. When the water starts it should pour. Because of the pressure, that is above it’s level.

If you have a longer hose, than more of the water will be thrown out of the pool. But if you have a thinner hose then the effect is much worse. With a wider hose of 50 mm, you waste about 20% to 40% which isn’t that bad because the water is refreshed by adding more water.

Pool cleaning
Pool cleaning

Cleaning by whirlwind

I would recommend you the second method of pool cleaning because it’s really effective. But it’s the best for round pools. Easy to use but you have to use it more often because the effects are worse if you don’t use it often.

Only what you need is after bathing to go around in circles. This way the water spins, and from all the force the dirtiness goes to the center of the pool. From the center of the pool, while the water is spinning, you are taking out the dirtiness with a wired broom. Smaller amount of time is needed for the dirtiness to come to the center of the pool. Don’t wait for the water to stop. When the water stops the dirtiness spreads across the pool.

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