Painting acacia pillars with tired oil

Acacia pillars are insanely suitable for planting a wired fence. Especially out of finance reasons, because they are cheaper than metal or stone pillars. Their lifespan actually isn’t much shorter than the previous mentioned ones. They are actually softer than stone ones, because they are quite hard.

After planting the acacia pillars in the planned positions, they do not have to be painted, they are also nice to the eye with the light yellow color. After a few years they become grey and black because of the climate conditions. Even though there isn’t really a need for some kind of protection, but they do look worse on the eye.

They can be painted which increases their lifespan, because it closes small gaps which water can come through which affects the pillar and various insects. With painting you can massively improve the look of the pillars. Painting acacia pillars is not cheap, especially if you take the price of the pillars itself and buying the paint.

Where is also one more possibility which is used more frequently, and that is by using tired oil, which is indefinitely cheaper. The effects of the tired oil are much shorter. Usually from 3 months to 3 years. The effects of painting with tired oil depends on how tired the oil is. That is how black the oil is and how dry it is, and how exposed it is to climate change. It’s painted the same way you paint a wall, with a brush on a pillar that is the height of 2,2 meters from the ground you waste about 0,2 liters of tired oil. It’s relatively fast to paint, the smell stays for about 24 to 48 hours.

When an acacia pillars is painted, that is planted in the ground then you prevent the moisture from going to the pillar, and it’s decay. But that is for a really short duration. On the acacia pillars the first thing that decays is the part that is in the ground. There are methods that can protect the pillars much more, and that is done by burning that part.



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