Why am I changing the oil myself

When there are services that do it for free?

There is a bit of old oil left in the car when it’s being taken out by a vacuum.

I need some oil for locust tree painting. When you take it to the shop you don’t get your old oil back.

Need a tool to change the oil on the car

For an oil exchange you are going to need a Allen wrench or a key no. 17 for unscrewing the crankcase. Depending on the model filling on the crankcase of the car.

A tray into which he will pour tired oil.

Oil filter wrench.

The process of draining old oil on a car

Put a bowl or something underneath that the oil is going to go intounder the crankcase .


Untie the upper oil cap, in my case I didn’t know it was unscrewing by itself. So I had to take off the cap with a screwdriver and then open the other part of the cap. When you took off the upper cap, untie the cap on the crankcase.

In case you don’t have a key for unscrewing the filters. Filter should be taken off anyways but should be changed every two times. you can break through it with a screwdriver and loosen it that way.

Filter za ulje na mestu

If you are buying a filter at the store my recommendation is to buy a smaller one. A smaller filter makes more pressure on the oil which increases engine lubrication. It doesn’t clean as well when it’s area.


Filter za ulje manji

When all the oil is out and the car is shaken a bit, and the oil doesn’t leak anymore. It’s recommended to add a little bit of new oil to clean the bit of dust that was left. After that leaked too you should return the cap to the crankcase. Oil the cap of the oil especially the bungee. Tie it down as much as you can but not too much. If you don’t have a key for the filter tie it down as hard as you can. The key is sensitive.

It shouldn’t leak because the filter is made out of sheet iron, and the crankcase is made out of cast iron. Their increasing in size is totally different from one and other. So they on first tie good together. Add the oil. In the new engines they require much less oil. I would recommend adding an add-on to the oil like Metabon, Liqv oil, etc… Cause that is the secret of branded vehicles, and more expensive oils already have them inside.

Motorno ulje

When adding the oil it must not be over the limit, because then the crankshaft can’t beat the oil.

If you are adding any additives to the oil you should read the manual. It’s usually added to the hot engine, after you turn on the car and keep the engine hot.

After pouring oil into the engine, the car starts and leaves to idle for 10-15 minutes.

Does it matter what oil I pour into the car?

Manufacturers do not provide which oil and characteristics it should have for each engine.
It is best to always use the same brand and model.

Can I change the oil myself?

Oil change is a small service and is easy to perform, but with newer individual models it is necessary to enter the information that the oil has been changed.

Do you need a special tool to change the oil?

The oil in the car can be changed without special tools, but some basic accessories are still needed.

How much oil is needed to change in a car engine?

Zavisno od modela motora auta ide od 2l do 5l. i više.

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