Making Garden Furniture For Sitting From Euro Pallets

Euro Pallets that were used for transportation can be turned into nice furniture with just a little bit of work. This isn’t just ecologically good, because you aren’t throwing away pallet. But you also get unique, genuine furniture.

There are different sizes of pallets. Euro pallets are used everywhere in the world and their dimensions are 120 by 80 cm.

I was able to obtain euro pallets that were used to transport barrels. These pallets have 2 wooden slabs on top so that the barrels would be stable.

I took off the slabs and the nails on top, they came really handy later on.

Preparing pallets for garden furniture

First of all I sanded all the pallets really well. For sanding I used sand paper 80 that was mounted on a drill, you can use the one that mounts on a saw as well. For the pallet I needed about 30 or so minutes. Sanding is not only important because the wood becomes smooth, but also because it removes all the dust and the stains that remained after transport.

Assembling pallets for garden furniture

For a bench you’ll need 2 pallets, of which one is cut horizontally and placed on top of the second one. One pallet will be used as a backrest, meanwhile in the top one I placed a small slab so that the backrest has an angle.

I was tightening one after another with long screws for wood which I drilled a small hole in earlier.

I have made the armchair the same way, except that for 2 armchairs you need 2 pallets.

Decoration, Finishing Touches and Painting

Easiest way to paint is with a paint for wood or metal,  it’s the smoothest and holds the longest.

It can also be painted with a transparent paint, this has the worst kind of protection.

I burned it with a fan for peeling paint and I got a shade of black and light brown. You can use anything that creates an open temperature, like an open flame.

Later I varnished it, with see through varnish that later when it’s dried it’s sand papered. It’s recommended that this process is repeated at least once more.

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