Hand circular is a useful thing because it’s easily portable and can cut wood really well. It’s handy in a lot of situations, but if you need to cut a bigger pile of wood, a table circular saw could be more useful.

Why a table circular saw is a good idea

The reason why a bigger pile of wood can be cut faster with a table circular saw is because when you are holding a hand circular and when you go to reach the wood you move the finger off the trigger and the circular stops. With one hand you either need to reach the wood or drop the circular. Which takes time, but it’s not as important for a small pile of wood. Of course there is more movement to this, from waiting to the circular to start to aiming at the wood. Out of these reasons the table circular saw is more appealing.

For the table I used an old table circular base, took it apart and what’s left is the base construction of it. For this I didn’t need any special tools, 4 pieces of wire (20 cm long), and of course pliers I used to tighten the wire.

Circular Chassis
Circular Chassis

Because a hand circular only works when you press the button with two fingers, because out of safety towards the person who is cutting wood. Tighten the buttons with wire to give it the effect of always being pressed. For this I only needed one wire, because the safety button doesn’t stop while the standard one is on. Because the circular saw is now always working it has to be turned on and off through the cable.

Wired trigger
Wired trigger

Tightening the hand circular

Next up is tightening the saw to the table, you’ll need to tighten it to at least 3 different spots. I chose wire because I didn’t want to modify the hand circular, because I’ll still need it as a hand circular. Wire is handy for fast assembly and disassembly. Of course I am putting it upside down, so that the blade is facing up.

And that’s it, connect the cable from the hand circular and use it as a table circular saw. The specifications are of course the same. But you have to be more careful, as a lot of safety features are overlooked.

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