Making a Network LAN Cable

To make a LAN cable you will need a LAN cable, LAN containers and LAN clenchers.

Different types of Lan cables exist, less quality ones should work fine to 20 meters. More quality cables should work from 100 to 125 meters without any problems. Depending on the quality they can have marks UTP, FTP and STP Cable. Of course the quality of transfer depends on the other equipment.

How to make a LAN Cable

7 – 10 mm of the end is peeled off around the whole cable (don’t peel the end of individual cables). Place the wires in 1 line and cut them with scissors or clenchers so that they are all the same length. You MUST take a picture or write down the order of the wires that are going into the container. Because it’s important that the wires are in the exact same order on the other side of the cable. For the container we usually use RJ45 but others exist as well. Placing the container on the cable is called crimping. Place the container in a crimp, place in all the wires and press down on the crimp. To the same thing on the other end of the LAN cable, don’t forget the order of the wires.

Watch the connector (we are always counting from left to right), so that the tick is on the down side. It’s recommended to put the wires in a standard order, so that if something happens with one end so that you can easily crimp that end by the standard. You can see the order of the standard on the picture below.

When the wires are placed into the container, and it’s crimped there is no more repairing. But if we need to repair we cut out the container and start from the beginning. Just because that reason it’s recommended to have a longer cable. For crimped cables there is a device that examine them, but it’s not needed. It’s enough for you to plug it into the router and in the PC, if the LEDs are on, then it works.

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