Tile Stove Characteristics

The tile stove is heater exclusively with either wood or logs which burns fast. Something like coal, which let’s out smells after being burned I don’t recommended, what I recommended is using thin wood. When big enough temperature develops inside the stove it needs to be closed at the bottom so that the heat doesn’t escape. When the fire is out then the stove needs to be closed from behind (chimney entrance). The smoke that enters the chimney should be about 180 degrees C. Length of the smoke channels should be three times shorter than the chimney channel. Take that 1 block heats up 1 cubic meter, not including the bottom

Ways to clean the stove

It’s important to say that next to cleaning the stove you need to clean the chimney as well.

How the tile stove is going to be needed to be cleaned depends on the type of wood you used to burn. If the wood was wet and raw, it’s going to need more frequent cleaning.

  1. Small Cleaning

    Based on taking off the cap behind the tile stove. This is needed to be done once a heating season.

  2. Medium Cleaning

    With medium cleaning means taking off the back cap plus taking off the top part. This cleaning should be done every two heating seasons.

  3. Small Overhaul Of The Stove

    In this scenario we are doing a repair of tile stove next to medium cleaning, thus only needing to be done every 5 years.

  4. Stove Overhaul

    Here a complete disassembly and assembly of the tile stove is done, thus needing to do every 10 years.

Needed Materials

To clean the tile stove we will need oily dirt or cement and glass water. Out of the tools you will need a bigger screw, a shackle, a brush, a small bucket, a bigger bucket, a scoop nylon to protect the room with and thus a carton to protect the floor with.

Yellow dirt

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