Maintaining the saw blade for wood

The blade of the saw should be as short from the motor point of view, but it needs to be long enough to cut wood.

Cleaning the blade from dust

Every time you take a saw apart, the blade needs to be cleaned. If not, later with 3-5 used reserves. It’s needed to clean the blade from the outside, especially the part where it’s covered up. You can find a hole for oiling the canal with both sides that takes the chain and oils it. The chain from this canal is oiled from below. From this hole and canal it’s needed to take out the dust with a thin item. The item must not be too sharp so that you don’t hurt the blade.

It’s recommended to clean the saw blade after every 3-5 emptied reserves.

On the saw blade after long usage, on the outside there starts to create a bump, it’s needed to remove this with a flat file.


We can check if canals are clean and if the chain needs oiling by pointing the blade to something that is clean, and we add gas.We need to see there are some markings on the point of the blade by oil.

the sword throws oil
the sword throws oil

We have two types of blades for cutting

Blade for cutting which is half-round, is made out of cemented carbide. This type of blade is better for cutting close to ground, because it doesn’t mind as much if dirt gets in it. The chain goes around it harder and it’s lifespan is shorter.

Blade for cutting which is half-round and on top has a gear and is called blade with a star. This blade has a longer life span and the chain goes around it easier. But a lot more maintenance is needed and you need to be careful that dirt doesn’t go into the gear. On the side where the gear can be located is a hole for oiling. The grease is tucked in with a special pump or we can use a medical syringe filled with grease. Here you press the grease in and when the dirty grease doesn’t come out on the other side it’s good. This oiling is needed every 2-3 tanks.

The hole for oiling
The hole for oiling


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