Symptoms that show’s a broken laundry machine

When the start button on the laundry machine is pressed it does nothing, the control light saying that it is on, is working. It should start letting water into the drum, but that is not happening.

Laundry machine diagnostics

For the machine to start working it needs electricity and water. Because the control lamp is on we know that there is power. The water is open which means it’s getting to it. Clearly the issue is inside. It could be that the programmer unit isn’t giving power to electric vents for water, or that electric vents aren’t reacting to it. Not even a click can be heard in the back upper part where water gets in, but there should be one.

Taking apart a laundry machine

Because both the programmer unit and the electric vents for water flow are in the back top part, we start off by taking off the cover. Don’t forget to unplug it from electricity and unplug the water before we start taking it apart. The top cover can be taken off by unscrewing two screws from behind.

After we have unscrewed the screws we take off the top cover.

Repairing the fault

The electric vent for letting the water in is located from the inside of the laundry machine where the water gets in.

We plug the it into the wall. Check whether it’s getting any power or not. If it isn’t getting any power than that’s the problem. Usually the issue is contact, so I recommend to take a look and clean them. It could be possible that the electric vent got stuck, so easy tapping might fix that. If easy tapping fixed the issue, that’s a temporary solution, because it’s probably going to happen again. So it’s recommended to change the electric vents.

Electric vents for water
Electric vents for water

In a case of a faulty programmer unit, a temporary solution can be cleaning the contacts.

Assembly is done in a opposite way of disassembly.

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  1. But it does make a buzzing and a click. But it won’t start spinning without assistance.

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