Types of moldings

There are multiple types of moldings that exists. Usually they are varied by their build material. That depends on the surface they are going to be placed at. Moldings can be made out of wood, plastic, aluminium.

We also have different shapes and sizes.

Purpose of moldings

Moldings exist to make edges and corners of walls look nicer. It covers it up and usually makes the whole ceiling or floor line look a lot better. In addition they give a nice transition look between surfaces.

Required tools to place moldings

When purchasing moldings it’s important to take their length into account, because it doesn’t look nice when the molding is made out of 20 parts.

In addition we are also going to need glue. If the surface is perfectly straight, then you can get away with weaker glue. in other case you are going to need decently strong glue. Similarly they can also be nailed and screwed in, but this in my opinion does not look as nice.

To be able to cut the edges, we are going to need a template and of course, a saw.

For measuring a normal meter and a marker is going to be enough.


The surface we that it’s going to be applied to needs to be clean. Measure the length needed, you can also do this on the spot.

When we have the needed length, we can proceed to cutting the molding. In addition I recommend using a fine saw, because if you use a sharp saw then the edges will not look as good. So something like a metal saw will work.

Be careful when cutting edges, make sure you are cutting for an inside or an outside edge.

On the cut piece we apply glue. It can be applied on both ends or only one. Be careful when applying glue not to get it onto another surface, because it’s really difficult to clean.

We place the molding in the desired place and press it down. Wipe the excess glue instantly.

After that we might have to get an object that is going to hold it in place, so that the glue settles.

If you need to you can have cables run behind a molding.

Electricity cable going behind a molding
Electricity cable going behind a molding

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