Why glue the inner tube on a bicycle

When a tire on a bike punctures it’s important to check the inner tube and make sure it’s fine. If the tire is punctured, then the tube needs to be glued or replaced. It’s the best idea if we take it down to the shop for repairs.

Wheel disassembly

When we take out the tube we first need to find the puncture. To locate the puncture we first blow air into the tube itself. If the hole is bigger, it can be instantly seen. If the hole in the tube is smaller, it will be harder to spot. To find the smaller hole, what we do is we drown the tube in water. Turn around the tube in the water until you spot bubbles coming out, then mark that spot with chalk or a pen.

Preparing a patch

When the tube has dried out we need to prepare patches that we will use to patch the hole. You can either buy a patch, or cut it out from another tube. The patch should cover the hole, and needs to be 1 cm bigger on each side. So that it doesn’t glue off. You also need to make sure to clean off both the patch and the hole from dirt, oils and sand paper it so it’s a bit rough. Apply tire glue both on the patch and the surface you want to apply it to. Wait 2-5 minutes for the glue to dry. Apply the patch to the tube and rub it. On top of the patch we place a piece of a nylon bag, both on top and bottom place straight planks and apply pressure with a cramp.

After 30 minutes to 2 hours the glue would have stuck. Remove the inner tube and it’s ready to be placed in a wheel.

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