When a human really wants something, or is fighting for something with a unique win, can dispose insane energy.

I don’t know if this story is true but I heard it like this.

At the time of second world war, an allied truck was heavy 2-3 tons plus some load. In that time there wasn’t any navigation, like GPS. Only map and Compass. They were driving first time in Germany and got lost. They were going through dense forest, so that only one vehicle could fit. After some time they realized that they were lost but didn’t have any choice except keep driving until they found something. The road took them to the German camp. When they realized where the road was taking them they stopped in front of the gates and panicked. Because there was four of them, they took the truck by it’s bumper, lifted it and rotated it. They did that like they’ve done it before, just so they don’t end up like prisoners or even worse, die. They rotated the truck by hands and escaped that way.

When they got back to barracks then told everyone their story, they thought they had superpowers. They bet they could rotate the truck again. But when they actually tried to rotate an empty truck again they couldn’t. They got into an argument. Their fight went out of control and they were sure how they did that. And it seems that their story was true.

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