Resizing More Digital Images

Why you should resize a digital image

Resizing images can be pretty effective. Taking pictures with a digital camera, or a cellphone camera we want the highest quality picture possible. To send images with email or to store them on other devices we don’t need a high resolution picture so we can resize it but not lose on quality. All pictures can be the same format as well.

Selecting Images

Select all the images you want

  • While holding CTRL and when you press the button A you select all the pictures.
  • While pressing and holding the left mouse button, you create a square in which are all the images selected.
  • If you hold CTRL while all the images are selected, you can press the left mouse button to deselect all the images you don’t want

Reducing images in Kilobytes on windows and correcting them so they are all the same sizes

This confirmed works on windows 7 and windows 10. But it should work on others no problem as well.

With the mouse cursor go over the image, press the right mouse button and a drop down menu will appear. On the drop down menu go to “send to” with your cursor, a new menu will appear and select email.

Opening mail
Opening mail

A new window appears that gives you various options for image sizes. I would personally recommend you select 800×600.

Picture size
Picture size

Now it depends on weather we have a email program or not.

  • If we have an email program a new window will appear. The email will open with a started message where you will be able to see the images you selected, who the email is going to is not yet specified. Select the images and copy-paste them to the desired location.
  • If we don’t have a program for email than a new window will appear saying that we don’t have an email program. Don’t touch or close this window. Press the start button and in search type %Temp%. We choose the Temp folder and here we can find out resized images that we use the copy-paste method on and get them to a desired directory. When you saved the images on a desired directory you can close the window saying that we don’t have an email program.

Resizing Images Through Internet

After the method that was listed up you can also resize your images on the web page for resizing images.

I am using a web site called Image Compressor but you can use any similar web site as well. You choose the quality of the image and then download the compressed one. Maximum amount of images you can select in one run is 20.

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