Why replace the water tap

The reasons to replace a water tap can be different, but no matter the reason the procedure is the same. There are multiple types of water taps, here I will explain the “battery” type. Where there is two flows, one for hot and one for cold water.

Required tools

To place a new water tap you are going to need water pipe pliers, a spanner size 14 and isolation tape. I would also recommend to have some sliver just in case for the threads.

Removing the old water tap

Before we get started with any kind of work, first we need to close the water before the tap. We close the hot and cold water, and then we open the tap to flow. Make sure you are handling valves with ease, because they aren’t in use a lot and can break easily.

With the pliers we twist the screw on the tap to remove it. We need to be careful not to twist the excentar, if the distance on the new tap is the same. When twisting make sure you twist the hot valve a bit, then the cold valve a bit, and do that in circles until they are both off.

Mounting the new water tap

First we protect the screw-nut from the pliers, unless the pliers are made out of plastic. We check the distance between the new tap and the excentre. If the distance is not ideal then we pull out the excentre with a spanner. We set up the excentre to test it on the desired spot and then we pull them out. While doing so we are counting how many times do we have to turn it in. Here on the pictures is an example of a bad water network, so there was a need to extend the excentre. On the excentre screw we apply sliver in the opposite direction of the screw.

We apply decoration sheets, they are just screwed into the threads.

We check if there is rubber in the tap. Periodically screw one side then the other. Don’t force it, be careful with how you screw the threads in, when you feel like it’s more difficult to turn, stop.

After mounting the tap, we open up the valves again and let the water flow. Look for any unwanted water leaks, if it’s leaking at the threads, sometimes screwing it in harder helps fix this issue.

Checking the new water tap
Checking the new water tap

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mount a one valve tap where there was previously a two valve one?

Yes, you can. Without problems and a lot of refitting.

Where is the valve for hot water usually found?

There is usually only one valve for hot water, and is usually located near the boiler.

How to stop dirt from damaging the water tap?

There are little rubbers which are placed inside the tap that have filters and protect the tap.

The pipes in the wall aren’t parallel, so the tap doesn’t go on properly.

Depends on the size of the problem. Can usually be solved by placing a thicker rubber one one side and thinner on the other.

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