When and what trimmer line should you use

The line should obviously be changed when it’s used up or when we are cutting a different type of grass. However you can’t use the same line thickness for every type of grass. But if your trimmer has a weaker motor you can’t put on a thick line.

Sometimes the line gets cut from both sides, or just one. Thus Making it difficult to get out.

Taking off the trimmer head

To replace the line or adjust it if it was cut, we need to take off the trimmer head. Take it off by pressing two buttons at both sides. Then Take off the nylon and line holder. After that if there is more trimmer line left in the holder you won’t need to replace it.

Replacing the trimmer line

To replace the line we first need to measure and cut it. The length depends on the nylon thickness, head size and motor strength. However the line must not be longer than the boundaries of the nylon holder when it’s being put on. For instance on this standard head and on this nylon thickness of 3 mm I am putting on 5-5,5 meters of line. When we cut the nylon we find it’s center and offset it so that we get an even line on both sides. However even if you don’t get the same length on both ends it shouldn’t be an issue.

Reeling the trimmer line

So from the same side reel in both sides and make sure they are tightened. You should have about 10 cm of line left, just attach this to the holes in the line holder.

In case you have too much line sticking out you can reel it in by turning the line holder in the opposite direction.

Nylon tightening
Nylon tightening

Putting the trimmer head together

The procedure here is really easy if the line is reeled in good. Therefore Align the holes on the bottom side with the clicks on the top side. Push one against the other and when they are both settled in the assembly is done.

Head in place
Head in place

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