How to save money while printing

The biggest reason as to why you’d want to do this by yourself is saving costs. Buying 2-3 new toners can have a price as big as the printer itself.

Buying the ink yourself and refilling it is a lot more cost effective.

What’s needed to refill a toner

To do a refill we need:

  • Paper towels or something to the mess with
  • Nylon surface the ink can fall on
  • Rubber gloves
  • Syringe
  • Knife
  • Small drill with a drill bit
  • Duck tape
  • The ink
  • Vacuum pump for the ink (if possible)
Required tools for changing the toner
Required tools for changing the toner

Refilling the toner

First of all we need to remove the toner we want to refill. We have 2 toners, black and color. You only need to add black ink in the black toner, in addition, in the color one you need 3 colors and you need to be careful where you put them.

On the top side there is a label that we remove with the knife, preferably leaving it intact so that we can reapply it later.

After removing the label on the top side, if there are no holes but there appear to be dots labeled we will need to use the drill. If there are no markings we’ll have to, drill a hole anywhere. For the toner in color we drill a hole above every reservoir.

We intake the ink into the syringe, for black we need 9 ml and similarly for color we need 3 ml. For every color we need a separate syringe.

Place the syringe into the hole (the one that was already there or the one that we just drilled, slowly put in the ink so that it doesn’t spill.

Return the label on top or place some duck tape instead.

Wipe the place with paper towels where the ink leaves for printing, in addition when it’s clean we need to extract the ink with a vacuum pump to get the flow going for printing.

The toner should now be good for use, place it back into the printer, which needs to be reset.

Resetting the printer chip is explained in another post.

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