What you need

To successfully lay the laminate floor you don’t really need a lot of knowledge or experience.

From tools you are going to need:

  • Meter
  • Marker
  • Saw to cut the laminate with
  • Rubber hammer
  • Thin 0.5 mm sponge to place under the laminate

Laminate characteristics

Laminate is a wood imitation. Therefore, it’s made out of compressed carton, and it’s usually placed on the floor. In addition it’s easy to place and it’s cheap. It’s life span is usually around 5 to 10 years. However it’s not resistant to scratches and water. However you can wipe it with a wet cloth. In addition it’s not placed in public places where people are in shoes.

Preparing to place the laminate

The surface that the laminate is going to be placed on must be completely clean. Therefore it must not have anything on it. The floor must be dry, and it can be placed on various substrates such as concrete, parquet or some other wooden floor, tiles and even on the ground, if it is insulated and dry. The base should be flat without holes.

A sponge or similar material is placed as an insulating material for heat. It should be thinner usually about 0.5 mm to max 1cm. The insulating material can be laid in several ways, such as immediately covering the entire surface with it or laying it one by one as the laminate is laid.

Laying down the first row

After we have placed the sponge we can place the first laminate. The laminate needs to be distanced from the wall on all sides for at least 1 to 2 cm. It is necessary for the part that has a longitudinal groove that can be seen to be placed on the side that is not next to the wall. The side groove seen from above should also not be up to the wall. We lay the second laminate by grooving it into the groove at an angle of 45 ° and just lowering it. This is how it is placed to the end of the wall where it is necessary to cut a piece.

Marking and cutting the laminate

When measuring for cutting it’s important to take into account the distance from the wall. While measuring the we also need to take into account he groove. The excess we are going to need to start a new row, so don’t throw it away. Make sure you are using an erasable marker so if you make a mistake it doesn’t confuse you.

Placing the middle rows

We start placing the second and every third row with the excess laminate we have from cutting in the previous row. If there is no excess in the previous row then we need to cut away 5 cm from this one.

The first laminate in the next row is easy to place down. It needs to be under and angle of 45 degrees and then it’s laid down. Then every next one is placed by placing it parallel at 45 degrees. It’s only placed until the groove. Place it on the floor and then it’s grooved parallel. We lift it up at an angle of 30 degrees, with this all the other ones are going to lift up as well. We push it with our hand so it jumps in and hear a click. No matter if it jumped in or we heard a click, we put it down so that the others in the row don’t split. If it’s not in place we take our rubber hammer and punch it in.

Placing the last row

Usually placing the last row is the most difficult, because we might need to cut vertically as well as horizontally. So if needed we cut it vertically, place it sideways and align it. If that doesn’t work we place it down on the floor and because we don’t have access to the rubber hammer, we try to get it in place with levers.

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What kind of laminates are there?

Laminates are divided by quality, thickness and method of assembly.

Laminate life?

Laminate, depending on the quality and wear, lasts from 5 to 15 years.

The quality of floor coverings?

Laminate is considered one of the short-term floor coverings, it does not withstand water and scratching, so it is not installed in such rooms.

Need knowledge to lay laminate?

In order to lay laminate, you need basic knowledge about laying tile materials.

Need time to install laminate?

The laminate is installed very quickly, professionals install 15 square meters in 1 hour.

Need a tool?

All you need from the tool is what you will measure and cover, as well as who you will cut it with.

Preparing to set up?

It is necessary that the floor on which it is placed is cleaned, on which the insulating material is placed.

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