Possible issues with the laundry machine drain

When the laundry machine is working, and the program comes to the point where it’s supposed to throw out water, but the water is not or is barely coming out. This can be either a case of a clogged or a broken pump.

Safety measures

Make sure to pull out the electricity cord and close the incoming water.

Draining the remaining water from the laundry machine

First we need to check the hose for dirty water to make sure it’s not clogged.

If the drain is shaking while the laundry machine is supposed to be throwing out the water, and there is no water coming out, it’s very likely that it’s clogged.

Hose water intake
Hose water intake

On the front side of the laundry machine at the bottom, there is a cap that needs to be taken off. There is a cap in there that needs to be untied, in addition be careful as some water may come out.

Here we should be able to feel with your finger whether something was stuck in there.

We can check if the pump works, but if we do that we can’t have our finger in there. We plug the laundry machine into power, and when the program is supposed to throw out water the propeller should spin as well.

If water is still not coming out we continue disassembling.

Open hole in washing machine
Open hole in washing machine

Removing the pump on the laundry machine

To get to the pump we first need to remove the backplate.

First we remove the backplate but then we need to angle the laundry machine so that we have access to the bottom part.

Removing the pump itself

The pump is being held by a holder screwed in with 2 screws. When we free the pump we can remove the rubber hose pushing water. Therefore the next thing we need to remove is the thing we opened not long ago, we remove this by twisting and pulling.

Checking the hose

Now we need to remove the hose leading up to the pump. In addition we check it and make sure that there is nothing in it and that it’s not clogging.

After cleaning out the hose we therefore need to assemble the opposite of the way we disassembled it.

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