There is a big problem and the trouble is when the nuts from the screw can not be wrapped, then we try different ways and here we will describe some possible variants. This video will help you guides for one variant not only, but also shows how to make a tool for it.

The removal of the nut is usually carried out with the key, so if that fails, we try to screw the thread with a wire brush to brush off to remove the rust. We try to loosen the chassis again and even tighten a little just to get started. There is when he hits the hammer on a nut or a screw.
We try to lubricate the thread or the tool in the disengaging of the screw or some other anti-theft also helps WD’40.
If this does not fail, we can try to heat the nut, it would be best to just make the nut in order to create a greater difference in temperature between the nut and the shaft, and in that way to loosen the connection between them and to flip out.
If we can come in and have space, we can weld the bar on the nut in order to have a greater force of action, and the ninja knows that it eats and almost becomes round.

Here’s how to make a tool that will cut it off and in that way you will be able to download the nut:

This video shows a tool to help you.

To create a tool you need:

Old lacquer or other iron in a semicircular hem of a semicircle size of 30mm
Knowledge of welding
A screw with a nut, the nut is better that it is longer
A steel bar that is thinner than a screwdriver

The working principle of the tool is to break the nut.

Good luck at work and easy job.

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