There are many ways of gambling but there are also games of progression. Progression gambling is known as the most effective way to win. Playing progression in Casinos is allowed.


You can play progression on all sorts of payments and ways. Gambling in the ways of progression essentially means duplicating the amount from previous bets. So that way in case of winning you don’t lose your previous amount. And you just continue losing until you win, and essentially you get back on your first amount that you invested. After that you just start again from the beginning, from your first investment. So it’s not important what you are playing, it can be a football game or anything else. It’s only important as you are losing you are duplicating your investment. The flaw of this method of gambling is that you have to be financially stable, there are lines from 16 and more in a row. If you are unlucky expect 35 and more.

Gambling - progression


To try this sort of gambling I would recommend you one site: Here the money for gambling is bitcoin. Which shouldn’t be a problem since it’s so easy to come to bitcoin from different exchanges, etc… and it’s even easier sold. To register on this website all you need is an email, a password and a bitcoin wallet would be recommended to cash out your winnings, and you can use that address from the exchanges. On this website you get 10-40 satosh every 1 hour, you have to press a button.

I am playing on a system to invest 1 satoshi, and after 3 losses I begin to duplicate. When I have more than 16000 satoshi while duplicating i avoid 64, namely after 32 I am not going to 64 but directly on 128 satoshi. This way I increase the profit, but lose only one round. When I have more than 32000 satoshi, after a line of 8 losses when I win, I start from 4 satoshi because I hope that there can’t be 2 long strings one after another. But after this string, matter how long it is, I start from 1 satoshi.

Gambling - progression

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