Fixing smaller dents in the car with hot glue is done on smaller dents. And of course, all the dents on the car should be fixed as soon as possible so that so that the car body doesn’t go back to dent after fixing it.

It would be great if the surface area would be cleaned as much as possible with alcohol. When we plug in the hot glue gun we have to wait a little bit for it to warm up. Because the hot glue gun needs some time to start melting the glue, especially while turning it on, you can heat up the metal part of it with a lighter.

hot glue gun
Hot glue gun

We place the melted glue on the caps that we will use to pull out the car body. (these caps are made out of special plastic)

equipment for sheet metal
equipment for sheet metal

Or if you don’t have the equipment, you can also use plastic tips for screws.

Place the melted glue on the plastic that you will use to pull. Place the whole thing on the car so that the glue in the middle comes to the middle of the damage. It’s needed to press it so that the layer of glue is 1 to 2 mm. Wait for the glue to tighten and the pull simultaneously, that’s why it’s good if the device is better. Because with that it tightness slowly. While pulling it tears apart faster. If the car body is back to it’s original position, we are done. If it’s still dented then we repeat the process again.

pulling with plastic
pulling with plastic


It usually doesn’t succeed in the first try. When bringing back the dented piece, you will hear a loud noise, but it’s possible to bring it back slowly, step by step.

If in such case, there is a bit of glue left on the car, you can remove that using hot air, like a fan or something.

This is a good technique to use for bringing back the dent pieces in your car.



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