There are some damages in the sheets that can’t be repaired by trying to get it back into the correct position. I this case what you have to do is fill those holes. Here the time-to-repair isn’t as important as we are not putting the sheet back in it’s original place.

The damages are usually fixed with liquid metal. Dent (damage) 3-4mm. Then you sand paper the damage and you put liquid metal in. When it’s dry you sand paper it and paint it.

In this case we decided for liquid metal because so that the fuel can have time to dry. The damage you have to sand paper good, then you fill it with liquid metal. When it dries then we use git to go over the liquid metal. After git dries off, you have to sand paper a little more but the sand paper has to be wet and only then you can paint it again, also the sand paper must be softer.

After you sand papered it enough so after wiping your head you don’t feel the git or liquid metal, you can proceed to painting.

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