Fixing Dents in a Car

Fixing dents in a car isn’t really as difficult as it sounds. Big chunk of dents in a car without sharp edges is possible to get back into it’s first shape. Without much effort, with a bit of luck and knowledge. Using this method to repair dents in a car, it’s recommended to do it as soon as possible. Because of deformation, so that after repairs it doesn’t go to it’s original position.

There is a chance that dents in the car can go back to it’s original position just by pouring boiling water on top of it. There is also a chance of this happening with the sun. This works only if the dent is small, and has no sharp edges. Usually when the dent is going back to it’s original place you will hear a sound of firing.

Fixing dents with water
Fixing dents with water

Another way to fix dents in a car is to heat up a heat gun, or do it with a hair dryer. You must be careful to not burn the paint on your car. Using this method you can repair dents on your car that are minor and don’t have sharp edges. This method is a bit more difficult than pouring water.

Fixing dents with air
Fixing dents with air

There is also a method of hot-cold. That’s pouring water with ice after pouring the boiling water. There is a chance for results but it’s unlikely if previous methods didn’t give any.

The Alternative

In case any of the previous methods didn’t give any results, it would be a good idea to approach the dent from the other side. Usually to get to the other side of the dent you will need disassembly. When we approach the dent from the other side, we need to hit it right in the center (on the part that is the most dent). We must not hit the dents with a sharp object, or with a steel hammer, because then there will be dents from the hammer. I recommend to hit it with you hands, or with a rubber hammer if you have one. If you hear a loud pop sound while fixing your dent, that usually means that the dent is back in it’s original place. In case you aren’t successful fixing your dents using these methods, much more work would be needed to fix them.

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