Broken LAN on Motherboard

Lan broke on a motherboard, I detected that because small LEDs which are green and orange next to the plug weren’t lighting up anymore. It didn’t see it in windows, and none changes affected it in BIOS. I tried the internet cable in another PC and it worked.

What’s left for me is to install a new LAN adapter. I have an option to install one on the USB, which is a better choice. Because it can easily be plugged into a laptop or something without having to take apart the whole PC.


I had some old computers that I don’t use. They didn’t have network accessories, but a network card that is installed into the PC separately.


The motherboard has 2 spots for cards, they are the ones circled on the picture.


How I fixed my problem

First I placed one card, and after starting the computer the lamps didn’t turn on and the computer didn’t see the card at all. I turned it off, took out the card and placed the second card on the second slot. While turning on the computer the lamps started to glow, which means that something is happening. When windows booted, it did see the card but it asked for a driver. Windows 10 is on the computer, but the driver for the card is for windows 7, second card is for windows xp and they haven’t released newer drivers. I downloaded the drivers on another computer because I don’t have internet on this one.

I switched the cards because I had two of them, but on the place that seemed to be working. The second card turned on with windows and worked without any problems, it didn’t even ask for drivers.

It looks like one of the slots on the computers motherboard for LAN cards is broken. For one of them a driver isn’t needed, namely there is a compatible driver already built into windows. I had a case where No Name components could be used for longer periods of time because of the windows universal driver. While on branded products when their support ends they can’t be used anymore because they don’t have drivers.

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