Drilled ring in the pool

Today home pools are common, and there are a lot of conceptions. Tarp pools are really good, especially because you can easily remove them when you have no use of them, and you get space by doing that.

There are more types of pools of tarp. In this case the word is about a pool with an air ring. Home pool which is made of tarp, and it has an upper air ring which keeps the tarp always up and prevents the water from spilling. Ever so often the air ring drills. Usually the cause is that the ring is too blown up. Then a bird flies on it to drink water, and drills it with it’s legs. There are also cases where the pool is bought with a taped ring. Which is after the weak spot of the pool so it drills there. It can also be pierced with nails, or any other sharp item.

These holes are really small and are hard to find. Usually they are on the upper part of the ring. The holes are easiest to find when you blow up the ring, put water in it and look where bubbles are created, also you can do it by listening. I would recommend the water way.

Repairing these holes is really easy when you find them. Cut out the nylon that has same or similar specs of the ring. The cut out part should be 10 mm bigger than the hole on every end. At least 20 mm in size, and without sharp edges, usually ring shaped. The ring and the cut out part need to be clean. It’s glued with glue for tarp or rubber. Quality glues also glue in water. The cut out part keep pressed on with a cramp. It’s recommended to not have any pressure. So that the air doesn’t unglue the cut out part while it glues.

A little tip is that you don’t over blow the ring, leave it softer. So when it’s not with such air pressure, it’s not as tight. So the material is hard, so it lasts longer.

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