Dissembling The Electromotor

Dissembling the electromotor has a goal to divide different metals one from another. This has an economic and Eco value. Economic because on the junkyards the prices are much higher for metals than full on electromotors. Eco because the surrounding is not affected because less materials need to be taken out of the ground.

Parts and elements to recycle

Electromotor stator is made of the case that can be of thinner metal or casting. Inside of the stator is made out of copper fiber or aluminium. There are stator that don’t have wire but instead have magnets. Copper coils are as thick as how many aluminum plates have been welded together.

Removing the case

The holder for the brushes and the guard for the collector are from iron cast and is easily unscrewed and removed. Just simply bash out the round layer.

The case from sheet can easily be removed by cutting it with a saw so that the case extends a little bit and the middle just falls out.

The case out of casting can also be cut easily. Either with a saw or with a hand cutter.

If the case is made out of some other material, then it can be deformed and the core will fall out.

Separating of copper wire

Wire that is enveloped is cut on the one side. It can be cut with either scissors or a saw. The large stator electromotors are cut down so that the entire part is separated from that side and the best is with a saw. For small electric motors, we cut it in the middle, and it’s the best pliers. In the case of smaller stator, the engine elbow after removal from the opposite side is pulled out of the wire. In the case of overhaul of wire electromotors, the same goes from the opposite side and we pull the winding on the winding. We use a lever for taking out, we can also help by hitting the wire from the other side, but not with an sharp object.

Another solution

There are electromotor stators thare are more easily tore apart. And there are also ones that are more heavily tore apart especially if they are heated up while working. In all situations to easy the process we burn the stator in the fire. After burning tearing apart is a lot easier …


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